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Jessica Roy is her friends’ go-to person for personal finance advice.

Several years ago, that was not the case. She woke up on New Year’s Day 2017 with a big resolution: to finally take control of her money, make a budget and stick to it, stop wasting cash on silly things, pay off debts and start saving for a house.

She didn’t know exactly how to do it, but she knew she didn’t want to spend another year tossing and turning and worrying. So she buckled down, picking budgeting software, paying down credit card and other debt, even getting to the point of successfully buying a home.

Assistant editor Jessica Roy of the Los Angeles Times Utility Journalism Team
Jessica Roy
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With the Totally Worth It newsletter, she’s going to help you get on the same path. Imagine your best friend coming over with a bottle of wine and her laptop to sit down with you and really, truly get you to tackle your money stuff. That’s Jessica!

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