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The 2024 election cycle requires insight and deep reporting that goes beyond the horse race and partisan slant.

That’s where Anita Chabria and David Lauter step in. Two of our most seasoned journalists will guide you through politics and policy from Sacramento, Washington and beyond.

Your hosts:

Anita Chabria has more than two decades of experience covering California as editor, writer and columnist. Based in Sacramento, Chabria will break down the people, legislation, issues and ideas — some high-profile, others hidden — that voters need to understand. She will combine reporting and perspective with an aim of helping our readers navigate 2024 and California’s role in the national debate.

David Lauter has covered D.C. and California politics for decades as an editor and reporter. He served as Washington bureau chief, Metro editor, assistant managing editor for California coverage, deputy foreign editor and as a longtime reporter. Few journalists know D.C. and politics better than he. Writing from Washington, Lauter will continue to leverage exclusive polling, deep analysis and his experience in California to guide readers through the rancor.

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