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The L.A. Times Plants newsletter is for everyone who cares about plants — whether you’re a committed gardener with tons of yard, a condo dweller with a balcony container garden or a landless environmentalist who wants to see habitat restored as much as possible for our threatened species.

I’m Jeanette Marantos, a staff reporter for The Times who has been covering plants and the things that make them grow since 2016. I’ve covered a lot of other things during my 20-plus years in journalism, from health and business to courts and homicides, but plants are the topic that fills me with the most hope — and the greatest sense of urgency.

If you care about the natural world, you probably feel this too. Whatever your circumstance, I’m guessing you’re probably curious about the world, interested in new ideas and juggling so many things it’s hard to keep up.

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Jeanette Marantos
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That’s where this newsletter comes in.

At the start of each month (and only once a month!) I’ll send you a roundup of upcoming plant-related activities and events in Southern California, along with links to tips and articles you may have missed.

My goal is to provide you with options to learn, consider, act and thrive, because ultimately, the way we landscape, the methods we use to grow, the food we eat, even the temperature of our urban neighborhoods are all plant-related decisions with far-reaching effects on the health and happiness of our communities and our world.

I talk to experts every day — thoughtful, passionate people who graciously share their knowledge and ideas so I can pass them along to you. And I want to talk to readers like you too about your gardening journeys. Let’s make this a conversation.

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And finally, don’t forget the joy of plants. Always take time to stop and smell the roses … or better yet, some delicious Cleveland sage!

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