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I’m Mark Olsen and I write about all kinds of movies for the Los Angeles Times. Nothing gets me quite as excited as being knocked out by a movie for the first time and in turn passing that enthusiasm on to readers and audiences. In short, I am a nerd turned pro.

What to expect

Because life is short, time is tight and people have more options than ever on what to watch and how to watch it, I hope you think of this as your field guide. Or as I have long secretly held the motto/worldview/motivating principle of Indie Focus to be: Only Good Movies.

This weekly newsletter will spotlight my work as well as that of my intrepid colleagues on the movie team here at the Los Angeles Times as a starting point for what’s going on in the wild world of cinema.

This will also serve as headquarters for the Indie Focus Screening Series, a year-round program that I curate and host. About once a month, we bring you a movie before it opens along with a post-screening Q&A with the filmmakers. The events are free to Los Angeles Times subscribers.

The term “Indie” in this context is intended as a catch-all, an umbrella that can cover anything from one-time screenings to wide-release movies. Is it worthy enough to me to be worthy to all of you?

Nonstop movies. Movies nonstop.

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