How to Obtain Rights, Clearance & Permissions

Use of Los Angeles Times content, frequently asked questions about obtaining permission to license content and information regarding linking to

To request permission to use Times content, email your inquiry to; our current turnaround time for permission inquiries is 15 to 20 business days. We appreciate your patience during this time and look forward to assisting you.

For urgent, deadline-driven requests, email your request to; note in the subject field of your email that your request is urgent.

For development of Los Angeles Times’ articles into scripted/unscripted television or film projects, please email

The following list summarizes customary permission requests:

1. To use article text with or without accompanying photos or graphic elements (charts, maps, etc.): Submit your request to For a timely response to your request be sure to include all of the necessary information about the article, including the URL if found online and the headline, author and date published. Provide a description of how you would like to re-purpose the content. That is, how many copies you’d like to distribute, to whom, for what purpose, and in what format – print, electronic (please include URL or number of e-mail recipients), display use, etc. If you plan to use the content for broadcast, please include title of program, synopsis and the rights you need to clear.

2. For permission to use Los Angeles Times portrait/celebrity photos, contact Getty Images at For other photos, go to

3. For requests for ongoing use of text, please contact Tribune Content Agency at, the Los Angeles Times News Service/Syndicate Service.

4. To purchase back issues of the Los Angeles Times for the past six months, please use our online store:

5. Use of Times content in academic course packs and other classroom contexts are handled by the Copyright Clearance Center,



1. Is permission required to use Los Angeles Times content?

Yes. Permission must always be obtained when using Los Angeles Times content (text, pages, graphics, photos, etc.).

Please be aware that when articles or photographs are attributed to another source, not the Los Angeles Times (Associated Press, Reuters, Getty, etc.), permission must be obtained from the source attributed. You will need to contact them directly to obtain the appropriate permission.

2. Can I get permission to license a video, interactive graphic or other multimedia feature? We handle these requests on a case-by-case basis. Submit your request to

3. Does the Los Angeles Times provide a research service?

Yes, we do offer an in-house research service for $160 per hour. If you do not wish to incur a research fee, you may search our online archive from 1881-present at Please note that any content obtained from the archive that will be used for purposes other than research or personal use will require permission from Los Angeles Times. Submit your request to

4. May I use quotes from an article?

In rare cases, we do allow quotes to be used if the use does not alter the original context of the article. This is done on a case-by-case basis with careful review by our staff. We generally do not allow editing of Los Angeles Times content. It is always best to submit a request for authorization. Submit your request to

5. How do I obtain permission to use a screen shot of any page or any Los Angeles Times editorial content for use in a book, publication or broadcast programs.

Submit your request to

6. Do I need permission to link to

You can link directly to without obtaining permission. If you intend on sharing the text or photo from an article with a link back to, permission must be obtained. Submit your request to

7. Do I need permission to email an article?

The share feature that appears on article pages allows you to distribute a link back to the article by email. The use of this feature is limited to “personal use” only and cannot be used for any other purpose. If you would like to email an article to more than 15 recipients, you must request permission as described above.

What is “personal use”? Personal use includes keeping a copy of an article for your personal reference or giving copies to 15 recipients for their personal reference. It does not include using it in your professional portfolio, posting it to a website, posting on social media or making multiple copies for distribution.

8. How can I obtain custom reprints of a Los Angeles Times article?

High-quality custom reprints, web-ready PDFs, e-prints and plaques of staff-produced articles can be ordered through

9. How do I order back issues of the Los Angeles Times?

To purchase back issues of the Los Angeles Times for the past six months, please use our online store:

10. If your questions regarding rights and permissions were not answered here.

Email your inquiry to


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