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From a weekend family getaway to a once-in-a-lifetime journey, summer is THE travel season. And there’s often one more unifying theme within summer travel: a gravitation towards water.

In this issue of Escapes. Travel. Adventure. we’re breaking down how this dreamy summer standard becomes reality. From a weekend jaunt to Las Vegas to take a dip in some of the most amazing pools in the country to finding yourselves slapping fins with a dolphin while diving in the Red Sea, break from your routine. And if the heat isn’t your thing, you can have all the water you want at ... a ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere.

So enjoy the surf, sand and sun (or slopes).


My obsession with the ocean started early, in the days when I was so little that my very tall father could hoist me on his shoulder and jump waves near the Santa Monica Pier. I learned to swim in the Pacific Ocean and added every stroke to my skills, swimming on teams for ten years. But all along, I knew what I really wanted to do was scuba dive.



  • Why Wait for First Snow (When will THAT be?!) to Hit the Slopes – Argentina Offers Pristine Summer-For-Us Skiing

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