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Blendtec GO™ Review

Blendtec Go Jars Review with Bestcovery

Bestcovery Reviews Blendtec's Travel Jar Attachment

A new component is quickly emerging as a must-have addition for blenders — the travel jar. Travel jars offer the convenience of blending and enjoying your favorite drinks on the go. With their compact size and secure lids, these portable containers make it easier than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle while keeping up with your busy schedule.

If you have a Blendtec blender, you may wonder if their travel jar is a worthy addition. That’s what Bestcovery set to find out! Below is our honest review of the Blendtec GO™ to help you decide if it’s a good purchase.

Disclosure: Bestcovery received a sample of the Blendtec GO™ to review.

What We Tested

For this review, we put the Blendtec GO™ to the test. This versatile travel bottle has a capacity of 30 oz. and markings for up to 24 oz. It works with any Blendtec blender base besides the Mix n’ Blend models. Simply connect the Micronizer base, blend your ingredients, pop on the Travel Lid, and you’ve got a great blend on the go!

Ease of Use

Right off the bat, I love that I could use this jar with almost any Blendtec base. It’s very easy to attach to the base. Just screw on the Micronizer Base, flip the jar, and secure it to the base. As far as use goes, it’s as easy as the steps on your base. I have the Blendtec Total Blender Classic, which has pre-programmed cycles to crush ice, create smoothies, make hot soups, ice cream, juice, or mix a batter. With the Blendtec Go™, I can do all of this in a travel-size container.


This jar’s performance is right where you’d expect it for a model of this size. Despite fitting a smaller jar, the Micronizer Base thoroughly breaks down ingredients for smooth, flavorful recipes.


My family has done a lot of blending over the past few weeks, and the GO™ Jar is definitely the most used! It’s the right size for different combinations and is excellent for testing recipes, balancing ingredients, and improving smoothie blends. This jar is the perfect smoothie maker for busy mornings or a healthy post-workout recharge.

Blendtec Go personal blender


The Blendtec GO™ is made with strong BPA-free plastic that’s durable and great for on-the-go use. I’m not worried about it breaking even if it’s roughly handled in transit. It also has vertical indents that fit comfortably in my hands, so I’m never concerned about dropping it. I love the size and design. It looks great on the counter! I never feel the need to hide it away when I have company over because it doesn’t make my space look too cluttered.

While I love the size and design, it’s worth noting that it may be too wide for some vehicle cup holders. However, its sturdy construction makes it perfect for enjoying your favorite blends at home or in the office.

The container is easy to hold onto while you’re on the move.


Like other Blendtec jars, clean-up is a breeze. I add a drop of soap and a cup of warm water, then blend for a minute or two. This has been especially helpful in my home because my daughter can use and clean the blender in no time.


It still uses the Blendtec base, so the noise level stays the same. However, at least with the Total Blender Classic, there’s a timed blender setting. This lets you see how long the noise will be, which makes the loud noise much easier to tolerate.

Pros and Cons

Blendtec Go Pros:

  • The Micronizer Base connects to the Blendtec base without having to buy other parts.
  • It comes with an additional lid to use on the go.
  • The container is easy to hold onto while you’re on the move.

Blendtec Go Cons:

  • It has a high price point of $139.96 for just one jar.
  • You need another jar to make multiple smoothies.
  • The travel lid is a little flimsy.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend the Blendtec GO™ for those wanting smaller blend options. The convenience of switching to the Go Lid makes it easy to grab my smoothie on the way to the office. It’s also been a helpful tool for my family to learn about individual portion control. With effortless attachment to the blender base, simple cleaning, and portability, it’s a must-have for those leading busy lifestyles.

If you want to purchase the Blendtec GO™, you can grab it here.

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